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    # 30% bonus of the first deposit will be activated automatically after receiving the money with the first deposit
    # the maximum amount of bonus is 35 Euro or 43,75 USD or 34,56 GBP

    # you have to make a roll-over x3 times of the entire bonus, and x2 times of the entire initial deposit
    # user can made the mentioned roll-over on the any number of bets (at least two bets on the slip; systems from 2from), with any amount of stake and with at least one odd not lower than 1,4
    # every bet won with bonus increases the bonus amount, and every bet won with initial deposit increases the main account amount
    # no action bets do not count to the roll-over balance. No action bets are those made on both sides of the same bet
    # withdraw from the account awarded with starter bonus is possible after 7 days from the time of total roll-over of both the bonus and initial deposit
    # during the starter promotion bets made by the user do not combine with other promotions and bonuses held on site
    # the roll-over of both bonus and the initial deposit do not count to the balance of loyalty program and affiliate program.
    # the deposit of the initial amount and start of betting is equivalent with acceptance of this rules by the user
    # user may resign from the starter bonus before start of betting – by not accepting the rules of it. The bonus amount will be removed from his account
    # in case of violating the rules by the user, reserves the right to remove the user’s account. ATTENTION! removal of the account is equal to loosing accumulated money. The accounts are beeing verified just before withdraw.

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