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    New players get a $10 Free!!!!!!

    The $10 FREE bonus is only available to New Registrations.
    Only 1 account per IP is permitted.

    •Bingo Bonus Bucks (BBBs) are bonus credits given either on deposits or through
    special games. They are playable but not redeemable;
    •Deposit BBBs apply to deposits of $20 and above;
    •BBBs given on deposits are always playable;
    •The cash and BBBs part of the credits can be seen at any time by moving the
    mouse pointer over the credits amount;
    •In order to protect the interest of the majority of our players, the following rules
    apply to all bonuses.
    ◦Cash in your account is always used first, then bonus money.
    ◦There is no limit to the amount of Bonus money you can earn, however you can
    only use bonus money up to your Bonus Limit.
    ◦Your Bonus Limit is 2X (200%) your deposits OR, if you make a cash-out, up to
    2X (200%) your cash balance after you cash out. In effect, your Bonus Limit is
    reset each time you cash out.

    ◦If you have reached your Bonus Limit, any additional Standard Bonuses you
    receive, will still be yours, but will be placed in your Bonus Bank.
    ◦In order to access bonus money that is held in your Bonus Bank, you must
    increase your Bonus Limit by making a deposit – your bonus limit will be
    increased by double the amount you deposit.
    ◦As you spend bonus money, your Bonus Limit will reduce by an equal amount.
    ◦Note that, when you withdraw cash, all bonus money in your account and in
    your Bonus Bank is removed.

    •Upon cash out (min $50), ALL BBBs are withdrawn regardless of amount and
    regardless of method acquired;
    •The BBBs bets contribution to the prize and jackpot is less than the cash bets.
    This means the more players using cash to play - the bigger the prize and jackpot;
    •Only accounts funded with real cash can make a withdrawal request.
    •Players must be participating in the current bingo game to receive BB's.
    •Players are sometimes given free cash bonuses in order to improve their
    online bingo experience. Players that try to manipulate the system in order
    to take advantage of these bonuses will have all their bonuses removed
    and their accounts disabled.

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