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    EuroGrandMobile Casino 15 eur No Deposit PromoDisplay?promoId=291949540

    Mobile Casino, anywhere anytime

    Get £10 / �15 / $15 Absolutely FREE! No Deposit Required!

    Register as real money player to receive your bonus. This promotion is only open to first-time customers who open and register a real-money account during the promotion period. All other Casino Terms & Conditions apply.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a question about playing at EuroGrand Mobile? We have listed some of the more frequent questions asked by people who are new to mobile gambling. Look over them and if you still can find the answer to your question you are always welcome to contact our live support staff who will be more than happy to assist you.

    How to Use the Cashier
    Can I access the Cashier from my mobile phone?

    Yes. Existing Customers: when using your mobile device, enter your existing EuroGrand Casino username and password.

    New Customers: Download the EuroGrand Mobile application onto your mobile device, then launch EuroGrand Mobile application and open a Real Money mode account. Once you receive your username and password, you may make a deposit into your account. Proceed to the cashier and select your desired deposit method. For further information on the various deposit methods, please visit the Real Money page.
    Is there a difference between EuroGrand Casino and EuroGrand Mobile Casino

    EuroGrand Mobile is a subsidiary of EuroGrand Casino and OUR special software allows you to play casino games via your mobile device. You may think of it as a Casino you can fit in your pocket!

    In order to play on your mobile device, you can either use your existing EuroGrand Casino account (with the same username and password) or you can create a separate EuroGrand Mobile account. If you are already a customer of EuroGrand Casino, any deposits you make into your EuroGrand Casino account are also available for use at EuroGrand Mobile.

    How to Get Started
    If I already have a casino account on my PC will I need to open a separate account to play games on my mobile?

    No, you may use the same account you registered on your PC to play games on your mobile device.
    Can I download games to my mobile device, if so, how?

    Go to the, click on the Games page to generate a WAP push for the games you select.
    Can I change my password?

    You can change your password at anytime. choose a short and easy to remember password. The same password will be used on both your PC and your Mobile to access the casino.
    If I experience difficulties, who can I contact?

    EuroGrand Mobile staff is always on hand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make your mobile experience enjoyable. Contact us at any time.
    Does EuroGrand Mobile use the same game software as EuroGrand Casino? Does EuroGrand Mobile also use fair gaming?

    Yes. EuroGrand Mobile is committed to the highest standards of honesty and fairness. Our mobile casino games are facilitated by a sophisticated random number generator that yields a payout percentage (the percentage of total wins out of total bets). These figures are audited on a monthly basis by one of the leading international accounting firms as well as the Technical Systems Testing (TST).

    Information about Game Play
    If I want to erase a game, how do I do it?

    Go to the application menu, select the game file, select options and delete the game. For a more detailed description, look in the handset user manual.
    What will happen if I receive a call while I am playing?

    The game will automatically go into pause mode and you may lose network connection on some phones. Once you have finished your call, the game will either resume automatically or you can return to it by clicking on the games icon. You should be able to continue your game from where you left it, or you may have to login again and resume an interrupted game.
    Why won’t my Phone Connect?

    In order for the Java Software to operate, it has to use an Internet Access Point not just a WAP connection, and your phone has to be set up correctly. If you are experiencing problems setting up your phone, contact your service provider for technical support or go to your local service provider for assistance.
    How much does it cost to play games on my mobile?

    It depends on the data amount transferred. Including login, registration, and your first round of games, should not be more than about 10kb. Once you have completed the procedures and you are just playing, each round of games should not take more than 1kb. Please note that these figures are only an estimate and may differ from actual numbers.
    Why do the graphics of my game slow down while I am playing?

    The audio settings on some phones are not of a high quality and may cause the graphics to be jerky. Deactivate the sound on your phone’s settings, this should improve the graphics.
    Does my service provider charge me while I am playing?

    Normal network tariffs are payable for your mobile GPRS connection, EuroGrand Mobile Casino does not charge any additional fees. For clarification of fees, contact your cellular service provider.
    If my screen freezes while I am playing and I turn off my phone, will I be automatically disconnected?

    Depending on different mobile networks, the game may either pause automatically or disconnect.
    Please explain what GSM, CDMA, WAP and GPRS stand for?

    GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communications.

    CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access, a high-speed, "always on" data service. This service is charged according to the amount of data downloaded.

    WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol, in other words access to the internet via your mobile. You access the mobile internet via your mobile using GSM WAP by means of a browser interface and you are charged for the length of the call.

    GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service and is a high speed data service that is "always on" and this is linked to your network provider existing GSM network. When you use GPRS you are charged for the amount of data you have downloaded.
    What happens if a call comes in while I am playing? What happens if my battery dies?

    When you have finished with your call, the game will either resume automatically or you may return to the game by clicking on its icon again. You should be able to continue your game from where you left it, or login again and resume an interrupted game.

    About Security
    What does EuroGrand Mobile do to secure my personal information?

    EuroGrand Mobile is committed to the security of your personal information. We have therefore adopted 1024 bit RSA and 256 bit AES encryption, the same security measures used by all the major players in the worlds of finance, politics and banking.
    Can I safely give out my visa information on my mobile phone?

    As part of EuroGrand Mobile commitment to your security, we use the most advanced security measures available, including a Firewall and RSA encryption. This keeps sensitive information 100% secure with us. Therefore, using your credit card at EuroGrand Mobile Casino is very safe.

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