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    100% First Deposit Bonus up to $650

    Is it your first time in the LinesMaker Poker Room? Earn up to $650 on your first real money deposit made here at LinesMaker Poker.

    It’s easy! Simply enter the poker code: FREE100PK after you’ve made your deposit. This bonus is for poker only and can only be earned out through the poker room.

    Free $500 Freeroll Entry

    When you sign up and receive your massive deposit bonus at
    LinesMaker Poker you’ll also receive a FREE entry to a $500 freeroll

    The Welcome Freeroll tournaments run every Wednesday at 10:30pm EST.

    To redeem your tournament seat, go to the PRIVATE tab before the

    tournament start time. Double click on the “Welcome Freeroll”* and click
    on register.
    Tourney King Promo

    Take your rightful spot on the throne with our new Tourney King
    promotion. For the month of August we will be tracking your tournament
    results and awarding you points on our High Limit or Low Limit
    leaderboard according to our unique formula. Up for grabs is a spot in
    the Leaderboard Grand Final tournament to be run on the second Sunday
    after the end of the month, with a combined value of over $20,000 in
    prizes up for grabs!

    The Promotion:
    Two leaderboards will be running side by side, a Low Limits
    leaderboard for tournaments with buyins of $0 – $19.99 and a High Limits
    leaderboard for tournaments with a buyin of $20 or more. Each
    leaderboard will have their own Leaderboard Grand Final tournament, with
    the winner of each being able to claim the first place cash prize as
    well as the title of Tourney King in the form of an accolade they can
    proudly display to their subjects at the poker tables. You need to
    finish in the top 250 places of either leaderboard in order to qualify
    for either of the monthly Leaderboard Grand Final tournaments. A unique
    chipstack will be assigned to you based on how many points you have
    accumulated in the month. You are eligible to play in each tournament
    you qualify for, so give the peasants something to talk about and take
    down both the High Limit AND Low Limit Grand Finals!

    The Prizes:
    The Low Limit and High Limit grand finals offer a combined value of
    over $20,000 in prizes which are paid instantly into your player
    account. On top of that the winner of each Leaderboard Grand Final is
    also given their very own Tourney King accolade. The Leaderboard Grand
    Final tournaments will run at 13:00 on the second Sunday after the end
    of the month and you will be issued an entry coupon for this tournament
    once it has been created and is displaying in the software.
    VIP Programme

    What’s in it for me? High stakes, low stakes, Sit’n’Go specialist or
    tournament grinder, our VIP program has an extensive range of benefits
    that were all designed with you in mind.

    VIP Points Exchange for Cash

    Here at LinesMaker Poker you have the option of converting some of
    your hard earned VIP points into cold hard cash. Once you’ve reached the
    Green tier you’ll receive $10 for every 1,000 VIP points that you cash
    in. The higher the VIP tier you reach, the more points you’ll be able to
    cash in each month. The table below shows you just how much money
    you’re eligible to receive:

    Green $50
    Bronze $100
    Silver $250
    Gold $500
    Black $1000
    Big Money Private Tournaments

    Each week we’ll host private tournaments for each tier featuring big
    prize pools and free buy-ins. Only players in the listed tier will be
    eligible to participate.

    Monthly Invite Only Freerolls

    Green $100/wk
    Bronze $250/wk
    Silver $500/wk
    Gold $1000/wk
    Black $2000/wk

    Monthly Reload Bonus

    Each month you’ll receive a reload bonus specific to your tier. The
    higher the tier the bigger the bonus you become eligible to receive:

    Monthly Reload Bonus

    Green 100% ($300)
    Bronze 100% ($500)
    Silver 100% ($1,000)
    Gold 200% ($500)
    Black 200% ($1,000)

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