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    25EUR FREEBET AT BETTSON BE_SB_EN_A_0013 Sportsbook bonus Money back on your first three non-winning combi bets Right now you will get your stake back on the first three lost combi bets on Betsson Sportsbook This is how it works: Everybody that has registered during the period 2009-06-01 to 2010-06-30 is entitled to this bonus. You will get your stake back on your three first lost combi bets. A combi bet is a bet with more than one selection in the same bet slip (bet slips with several single bets don’t count). The maximum amount that will be refunded on your account is 25 EUR or 25 GBP. If you are betting a system bet all bets on that system need to be lost in order for you to get money back on that bet. Note that lost single bets won’t be refunded. One example You bet three combi bets with the stake 10 EUR on each of them. You win on one of them and lose two bets. Then you will be refunded 20 EUR within 24 hours (two lost bets each for 10 EUR). This is done automatically and you don’t have to contact support for this to happen. If you after that win on 10 straight bets it doesn’t matter because your third lost combi bet will be refunded (as long as it happens within a year of the date you registered your account). When you have lost three coupons your refund bonus is consumed and you have to bet with some risk again. The maximum amount you can be refunded in total is 25 EUR so if you bet 25 EUR on your first combi bet and you lose you will be refunded that amount but you won’t be refunded for your 2nd and 3rd lost combi bet. If you place two combi bets for 15 EUR each and both is lost you will be refunded 25 EUR. The refund bonuses you get from us have to be wagered once on the Sportsbook before you can withdraw the money or transfer them to another product within Betsson. To activate this bonus you only have to create an account, deposit money on the account and start betting.

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