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    BETWAY - 25GPB FREEBET Uk-betway-betting-bonus-468x60

    All you have to do is:

    1. Open up an account and make your first deposit
    2. Place ONE bet in the sportsbook – we match your FIRST bet with a freebet up to 25 GBP. You can see your freebet, if you click “My account” and go to “My Bonuses
    3. The freebet will be visible as soon as your initial bet has been settled
    4. To use the freebet, select some some odds and the freebet will appear on your betting slip – tick the small box in order to use the freebet!

    Example: You deposit 25 GBP, make a sportsbet according to the rules above and receive a freebet of 25 GBP when your initial bet has been settled. If you click on “My account” and “My Bonuses”, you will see your freebet token there. Now you can make a sportsbet and use your token on the bet by ticking the small box saying “Freebet” that appears on your betting slip. Remember that you don´t get the stake from the freebet back and that you cannot bet on system betting. Also, you cannot divide the bet into smaller bets.
    Let´s say you stake £25 on a soccer game to the odds of 3.00, and if you win you get £50 to your account – the winnings of £75 minus the stake of £25 = £50.
    The following rules apply to the 100% freebet offer:

    # Your first bet must be placed within 30 days of opening your account and it must contain at least one selection with odds of 1.70 or greater, and the selection should have at least 3 possible outcomes. Void bets do not qualify.
    # You must redeem your freebet (token) within 30 days of it having been credited to your freebets balance, if you do not redeem it within this period such token will be removed from your freebets balance.
    # The freebet will appear in your account under “Tokens held” as soon as your initial bet has been settled. This section you will find under “My account” and “My Bonuses”. The freebet can be selected to be used at the bet slip stage of placing sportsbook bets.
    # You cannot withdraw your freebet at any time after you have submitted the same.
    # If your freebet is a winning bet, you will only receive the winnings and not the initial stake of the freebet.
    # You cannot split the freebet into, for example, two or more bets. You need to use the freebet entirely on one betting slip.
    # You cannot combine freebets with system betting.
    # The freebet is only valid for the sportsbook (you can not use your freebet playing poker, games or in the casino.

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